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Neon Painted Face

The Art Explosion Experience

An Example Event

1st Performance Art Show

Choose a Standard Portrait

Guests enter the ballroom and as soon as they are seated Art Explosion's Action Painter takes the stage

to high energy music.
A time challenge, will the Artist complete their portrait in the given time?

A fistful of paint flies splattering a giant canvas.That's the spark, and like wildfire imagination ignites!
Each audience member races to see, to figure out - what is being painted? Right now, right here, right in front of them.

2nd Performance Art Show

Glitter Portrait! (or other options from our unique repertoire)

The Artist takes the stage (perhaps after salads are cleared) for another surprise, the audience is ready to figure out what is being painted this time - but something is different.

Yes, the music is exciting, the giant canvas is there, the Artist is even painting it with the same fervor as the first portrait. But the paint isn't working? Or is it?

Everyone gasps as glitter flies through the air onto the canvas revealing a brilliant portrait!


3rd Performance Art Show

Upside down Portrait

For the third and final performance (perhaps once dessert and coffee are down) and this time the audience is right there! The painting begins: everyone tries to decipher what it will be, but slowly the audience senses something is not as it should. This is a live performance after all, a unique glimpse into the workings of an artist - but can every work of art be a masterpiece? Here and there, a stifled gasp breaks out. And that's when our Artist stands back to survey what they did. After a moment and a nod to the audience walks back to the canvas..and rotates it upside down!

Everyone cheers and yells. The artist has been painting upside down all along! A few moments later the portrait is done! Truly an impossible looking feat no one can believe they just saw.

“Absolutely Awesome.”


“You're the BEST.”
Harrison Ford

"A breeze to work with and never misses. I’ve hired Art Explosion 4 times now and every time...something new with a different twist, that always makes the experience a standout.”
Jon Buckland, Common Knowledge Communications

“Opening our General Session with Art Explosion generated more energy than I'd ever imagined for our audience of 35,000 people.”
Steve Pitt, National Auto Dealers Association


“Outstanding! So successful with the highest level of enthusiasm, energy & professionalism.
You conveyed our message, made a statement- AND it was FUN!”

Dean Nichols, Marketing Director, Behr Process Corporation

“That was lots of fun!”
Colin Powell

"Stole the night! The crowd was wowed enough to pay a total of $56,000 for the three signed originals. Spectacular!"
Skip Lehman, Mach 2 Management

“You made me a HERO!”
Lynn Smith, Assn. of Fundraising Professionals

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