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Neon Painted Face

Customize Your WOW

Searching for a unique “WOW!” ?

Supporting your Theme

Engaging your Audiences

Transcending Languages

You’ve arrived at the right site!

Customize Your WOW

Choose an Icon that supports your theme. It's that simple, that effective, that turn-key.

For Corporate Messages the paintings can easily incorporate Company Logos or Concepts.The music is customized to reinforce your message or theme.


Engaging Your Audience

It's like watching a great "viral video", there's just something about it that captures everyone's imagination and makes them want to cheer.
It is literally impossible to watch these performances passively. Through our experience we've discovered that it is simply human nature - human drive - to attempt to  decipher the image as it is being painted.

Transcending Languages

To communicate across language barriers, to explain our thoughts to others… to be understood no matter what tongue we speak. This is one of the most requested assets of Art Explosion and its family of acts. Our Artists have travelled the globe helping audiences bond in a way no other performance can.
Somehow, someway, a picture, a simple work of Art can express more in a single moment...


How these Professional Acts are EASY for you to put on stage

  • They provide all the easels / art supplies / floor coverings / etc. that they need for their performance.

  • The paintings are retained by the Client

  • Once dry, the paintings roll up for easy transport

  • Smaller Studio versions of paintings can be arranged for as well

  • The Client provides simple sound & lights/travel/rooms

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