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Neon Painted Face

Action Painting Your Way

What is Art Explosion?

Art Explosion is your creative solution to WOW your audience.

The exciting thing about Art Exp

Frida Kahlo Painting.jpg

The process of creating great works of art is the stuff of legends. The image of the artist completely absorbed in his work evokes fascination and mystery. “How did they do that?” we ask, pondering the ability of something to move us so deeply. This process has long been the province of artists alone, as only the fruits of their labors are shared. How fascinating would it be to witness from when the artist first touches the canvas with color to when the final strokes are applied? This is the gift Michael Ostaski has been giving captivated audiences the world over with ART EXPLOSION. Far from the silence and solitude of the studio, the act of painting becomes a high energy ride; an inspired exploration of color and energy, choreographed to evoke the spirit of each subject he paints.

Traditionally, one of the greatest and most inspiring tributes we can pay another is through art. Art Explosion brings this tradition into the new Millennium with awesome possibilities. Art Explosion portraiture spans a wide range of icons in music, film, sports, and popular culture, as well as custom portraits. And Ostaski works with various musicians, singers, humorists and dancers to continue to create new cutting edge experiences...

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