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ART EXPLOSION Speed Painter Michael Otaski

General Sessions
Enliven and energize your General Session with the power of Art Explosion.

“Opening our General Session with Art Explosion generated more energy than I’d ever imagined for our audience of 35,000.”

Steve Pitt,

“Master painter, Michael Ostaski, leaves guests in awe as he creates life-size portraits 7 feet high in 6 1/2 minutes.”
Corporate Meetings & Incentive Magazine - February '05

Art Explosion provides a unique way to raise money for your special event.
Imagine an Entertainment Act that Creates a Product for YOU to Benefit from! Auction it right then, gift it, or raffle it- the proceeds are YOURS!

"A Wonderful Experience. We Loved Everything!"
Lynn Smith, VP of Mtgs.., Association of Fundraising Professionals 2010

“Unbelievable…The money raised by Michael Ostaski’s paintings at our Celebrity Golf Gala was twice the amount we paid for the entire act.”

Gina Hill, Parasol Foundation

"Art Explosion stole the night! The crowd was wowed enough to pay a total of $56,000 for the three signed originals. Spectacular!"
Skip Lehman, Mach 2 Management (2008)

Honor a VIP, Reveal Award Winners
A Highly Visual and Creative Act Art Explosion adds the "WOW" factor every time.
During Awards Presentations it can been utilized in various "easy to use" ways to
direct attention where you want it:

VIP Awareness
Product Awareness
Introduce the MC
Raise the energy within the program

Honor your VIP in a very personal and memorable way with Art Explosion.
Artist Michael Ostaski has the talent to paint anyone or anything you wish to honor and celebrate... All larger than life...6'x7'... in approximately 7 minutes!
Instead of simply announcing their name, call Ostaski to the stage to paint a portrait of your top award winner!

“I’m honored, I’m moved, and for the first time in my life I’m speechless.”

Tom Stemberg, Staples CEO

Ed McMahon

Product Launches
Art Explosion is the perfect creative solution for a totally unique product launch.

“Outstanding! Michael’s live art performance delivered a high powered impact that surprised and delighted our guests.”

Christopher Casanelli, Mercedes-Benz, CLS-Class Launch, 2005

“Kudos to Michael: The most memorable product launch we have ever had. As Michael finished his painting of the new Boeing 717, the curtains rose to reveal the actual plane on the runway. It was such a magical moment that AeBal Airlines flew him to Spain for an encore presentation.”
Barbara Kneeshaw, Boeing Corporation

“We had different big Name Acts every night, but Art Explosion is all that folks are still talking about.”
'Star Spangled 4th', Cindy Vochatzer, City of Garland, Texas

“As Michael finished his portrait of Jimi Hendrix, the entire audience sprang to its feet in applause…Bravo!”
Eden Capawana, EPI

Sporting Events
At sporting events and sports banquets…Yao Ming, Reggie Miller, and Michael Jordan are a few of the athletes that Ostaski has honored.

“Absolutely Awesome.”

"Incredible Performance!"
Don Nelson, Head Coach, Dallas Mavericks

“You made me look like a hero...The Fans absolutely LOVED Michael’s show.”
Maurice Brazelton,
Sacramento Kings

Art Explosion Solutions...
Art Explosion has proven to be an incredible asset at a variety of types of events.

Partial List of Events during which Art pieces were created rapidly on stage and then auctioned or gifted as part of the Event’s Fundraising:

Parasol Foundation
Eisenhower Medical Center Foundation
Gathering of Eagles
Children's Fund, California
Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Rotary Club
American Heart Association
American Cancer Association
United Way
M. James Graham Brown Cancer Center
Horatio Alger Assn.. of Distinguished Americans
Huntsman Cancer Foundation
Boys and Girls Club
Boy Scouts of America
Leukemia Foundation
New Day Children's Shelter
Wellmount Foundation
Pioneer Foundation









ART EXPLOSION Speed Painter Michael OtaskiART EXPLOSION Speed Painter Michael Ostaski