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This outlines the technical requirements of Art Explosion (Artist) for the performance agreement between Purchaser and Artist. Purchaser provides, at Purchaser’s expense, the following, including all labor necessary for set up, operation, and strike:
Flexibility: Please note that if any of these requirements need adjustment for your event/venue we will attempt to meet your requirements without sacrificing important elements of the performance.

1. Set up of staging, audio, and lighting- followed by technical checks with Artist- to be completed a minimum of one (1) hour prior to performance.
2. Ideal stage to be 16’ deep x 18’ wide, 24” to 32” high. In the event of very small or large rooms and/or low ceiling height, alternative staging can be adapted to accommodate.
3. Prep Area Room: Artist requests a private dressing/prep area located within a close proximity of stage (this can be an area backstage behind the pipe and drape) equipped with one six-foot table with a protective cover to protect against paint spillage, one chair, and adequate lighting.

1. One professional quality sound system adequate for audience and room size.
2. CD player with backup.
3. Ability to clearly hear music on stage.
4. If precise cueing is required, Clear Com from backstage to front of house is requested.

1. A minimum of 4 (total) par 64’s, or equivalent, positioned at front corners of stage (to minimize artist shadows on artwork during performance). Dimmable.
2. Artist requests (in conjunction with Purchaser) control of house lighting that may distract or interfere with the stage lighting during performances.

BACKDROP: A backdrop behind the stage is preferable.

LADDER: One six-foot stepladder is required during set-up, performance and strike.

Video/ Imag:
1. If Purchaser plans to video or Imag the performance, Artist requires one high quality copy following performance.
2. Artist needs advance coordination with video director.

Outdoor or Tented Shows
1. For OUTDOOR OR TENTED SHOWS, PURCHASER agrees provision is to be made for the proper grounding of the electrical equipment, so as not to constitute a danger or hazard to the ARTIST and/or crew. A covered stage and rain protection must be furnished at no cost to ARTIST to properly weatherproof all equipment.
2. 4 sand/shot bags to anchor artist’s easel in case of wind, etc.

Signature of Purchaser

The preceding pages of this Document constitute the RIDER, which is part of the Engagement Contract. Do Not Detach. No part of these pages may be modified or deleted without the express written consent of Artist.


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ART EXPLOSION Speed Painter Michael Ostaski


ART EXPLOSION Speed Painter Michael Ostaski